Have you ever wondered what you're really capable of achieving?
"The person who trusts me will not only do what I’m doing but even greater things..." (Jesus Christ)
"... whatever is possible to God, is possible to man as God’s reflection." (Mary Baker Eddy)

God didn't make ANY mistakes.

Your life is NOT broken.

There are NO exceptions to this Divine Law

...and we can help you prove that.

What we do

How does Stronghold accomplish this?

  1. We take any aspect of your life you want to improve.
  2. We identify the starting point by applying an inclusive,
    spiritual perspective based on Bible principles and the
    teachings of Christian Science.
  3. We develop a practical action plan.
  4. We get life-changing results.

Why use a Bible-based approach
for resolving life and health issues?

Because for decades, we’ve seen it yield unmatched results. This spiritual approach offers three advantages over traditional, materially-based methods:
  1. It requires no material medicine or procedures, because it proves that it’s our thinking – and not our physiology that is the cause of all our problems.
  2. It heals and transforms situations which material and medical methods do not.
  3. A person who’s helped and healed by this approach is not only freed from their specific problem, but advances both morally and spiritually.


Education Services

A 5-days/week school alternative
Grades 3-12; ALL achievement levels

  • Finish high school years early – NO homework – Shorter days
  • Relevant, exciting curriculum – A global perspective
  • All students have part-time jobs and internships
  • Drug-testing – Rigorous PE – Weekly community service projects
  • All activity is strongly grounded on moral/spiritual values
  • Works well with homeschooling
  • We accept NO limitation on ANY child’s ability to learn, behave, and find meaning and purpose in his/her school experience

College and Tech School Support

  • Help with identifying worthwhile majors, programs and valuable career areas
  • Support with registration, financial aid, and eliminating bureaucratic roadblocks
  • A state of the art facility for doing assignments or projects
  • The most current information on MOOC’s
  • Employment and Internship assistance

Employment Services

  • We work with both new entrants into the job market, as well as those wanting to switch or upgrade careers, or start their own businesses
  • We provide cutting edge information and preparation for the future’s top jobs
  • We help you find both part-time work and permanent, satisfying employment

Health Services

We have Christian Science practitioners available who can schedule an appointment with you for prayer-based treatment of any health or life issue. For over 150 years, countless individuals from all faiths – or no faith at all, have found total healing from every problem known to man, utilizing this non-invasive, Bible-based method.

Parenting Services

We offer regular parenting support classes. They emphasize how to apply timeless, Bible-based principles to all the challenges parents currently face. This approach strengthens the parents’ role and supports children in building their lives on a strong foundation of moral/spiritual values.

Drug/Alcohol Treatment Services

Stronghold treats drug/alcohol abuse from the standpoint that it is a mental misconception about the true, complete, and presently perfect, spiritual nature of man. We deal with drug/alcohol use as a moral failing that can be quickly and permanently healed – and not as an unconquerable physiological disorder or defect.

Anti-Social Behavior Services

Stronghold offers programs and treatment that heal every kind of anti-social behavior, including:
  • Children’s disruptiveness and disrespect at school and at home
  • Racial conflicts
  • Spousal and/or child abuse
  • Criminal justice system issues for youth or adults
  • "Failure to launch" issues with adult children

Corporate Health and Wellness Programs

Our programs improve the quality of life for employees, and therefore increase the operational effectiveness of their employers' businesses. Our unique approach exchanges the typical one-dimensional obsession with medical screenings, for a variety of exciting employee options that emphasize: foundational life changes, family harmony, professional/personal growth, and moral/spiritual values.

Success Stories


Automotive Manager

I'm the man I am today because of the Stronghold system. The morals they taught me, I still hold onto today in my automotive management career. I thank them for what they did for my family. Stronghold is the best education method ever built!



My mom's passing-on when I was young seemed like the end of the world. The Stronghold system taught me how to strive, and I've held onto those values and lessons. Today I'm a happily married wife and mother, and have a successful dental practice.


Teacher and Coach

Before Stronghold came into my life, I was angry, defiant, and lacked motivation. Their principles challenged me, stressed the importance of integrity, and are my moral compass to this day. I'm happily married with 4 children, and have been a teacher and coach for over 20 years.



Prior to coming into contact with the Stronghold system, I was lost and had no self-worth. The most important thing Stronghold did, was that they believed in me, and caught me when I fell. Today, I'm happily married, a para-medic, and working to become a Physician Assistant.

"Our son attended Stronghold. They help those who struggle to
complete their education, fit in, find employment, become better
citizens, and most importantly, find their true selves."

E.P. - California


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